October 22, 2014
by Sara

Creative and fun themed holiday cards – Part 1

Looking for something different for this year’s family picture Christmas cards?  There are some creative and fun themed holiday cards out there!  Having a baby in December?  Try a Christmas birth announcement. Looking for a nice religious message?  Go for religious photo Christmas cards.  And if you want to be really creative, find a themed card design and maybe even dress up for the part!  Here are a few of our favorites:

That’s right! A frozen holiday card!

Dress up your little prince or princess for a too-cute frozen Christmas card design.

frozen holiday card

One of my all-time favorites: the picture superhero Christmas card.

Again, great for dressing up and having a super photo shoot.

superhero photo christmas cards

Show your pride with a patriotic holiday card.

Great for anyone!

patriotic holiday card - patriotic christmas cards

For the pet lovers: A dog themed photo Christmas cards.

You know you want to show off your little guy.  Love the phrase “happy howlidays”!

dog themed photo christmas cards

A fun camo card.  Also works for a themed Duck Dynasty Christmas card!

Dressing up as the Duck Dynasty crew for Halloween.  This card would be great for that photo!

duck dynasty christmas card

Not to worry!  I have more to share.  Check back for part 2 of my fun themed holiday cards posts!

October 16, 2014
by Sara

What Christmas Carols Say About Christmas Cards

Christmas songs Christmas cards


Why do we love Christmas carols so much? For some people, these classics can seem a little old and boring, but without fail, we bring out Christmas songs every year. We like Christmas carols for the same reason we love Christmas cards: they help tell the Christmas story and spread the joy of the season. Read on to see how Christmas carols reflect some of the best reasons why we send Christmas cards.

 “What Child Is This”

This song might refer to the Christ child, but if you don’t keep in touch with friends and family, your next group gathering could leave loved ones asking of you “what child is this?” Most families love sending Christmas photo greetings and Christmas birth announcements because it’s the perfect opportunity to quickly update loved ones on how the family is faring.

Most people these days move often due to job changes or other obligations, and it’s easy to lose connection with the network of friends one develops over time. Instead of having friends and family wonder “what child is this” when it comes to your own children – or yourself! – you can keep them in the loop by sending Christmas greeting cards with new family photos.

“Deck the Halls”

“Deck the Halls” celebrates the exuberance of Christmastime. As the “Fa-la-la-la-la”s indicate, we can get a little goofy this time of year with decorations, special treats, and all kinds of extravagances. Part of the fun of crafting cards for a holiday gift or Christmas thank you cards is that you can be as festive as you want, with copious doses of green and red, or even a rainbow-themed Christmas card – it’s up to you. Try as many photos, fonts, color themes and layouts as you want. Since it’s all online, you can test the works before you actually make an order.

“Silent Night”

The “Silent Night” Christmas carol sweetly describes the scene most of us imagine when we think of the Christmas story. But the quiet of a humble manger in olden times is nothing like the loud modern world we live in, obsessed as it is with the glitz and glamour of a commercialized holiday season.

Christmastime, in large part, is now an excuse for companies to launch obtrusive, gaudy ad campaigns, pitch new mechanical gadgets, and make kids cry loudly for even louder toys. Instead of giving in to all the hype, Christmas cards can turn back to the quiet time in “Silent Night.” Choosing a quiet, simple, holiday card or Christmas thank you card may be the kindest way to say “Merry Christmas.”

Furthermore, consider this: Christmas is the time of year when family comes into town, with cousins twice-removed and in-laws, and more. You can count on having to go to multiple holiday parties, whether mandated by office, church, social groups, or PTAs. Instead of adding another loud and busy Christmastime exercise in practiced politeness, send a sweet holiday card or a couple Christmas thank you cards. A well-meant Christmas greeting card may be the classiest way to remind friends you care without inadvertently giving them a headache.

“Go Tell It on the Mountain”

Regardless of what type of card you send, or what exactly it ends up looking like, the best thing you can do at Christmastime is celebrate what really matters. Family will love to see new baby pictures in a Christmas birth announcement; friends will be excited to receive Christmas thank you cards; and if you send a simple holiday greeting card, that will give your whole mailing list a sweet moment to celebrate the season. As long as you are celebrating love and joy and the real reason for the season, you won’t just be wishing for a Merry Christmas, you’ll have one already.

October 1, 2014
by Sara

It takes more than candy to sweeten a holiday! Try these holiday gifts and greetings.


sweet holiday peppermint candy

From BHG.com

It’s not Halloween if there’s no candy corn, and it’s not Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce or green bean casserole. Most of us can’t imagine a New Year’s Eve without some spirits, and Christmas time is best paired with eggnog. It’s easy to assume that holidays are best enjoyed with sweet treats.

But getting into the spirit of a holiday, gathering friends and family, and giving great holiday gifts takes more than a copious serving of sugar and carb-laden comfort food. And it’s getting more difficult to enjoy a family buffet as more and more of us adopt dietary restrictions and diets, whether we’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, or on a Paula Deen diet.

Ultimately, it takes more than candy to sweeten a holiday. Here’s how to make that happen.

Studies show that loneliness peaks with the holiday seasons, so saying hello can help loved ones feel the joy of the season. Saying hello is sometimes the best way to brighten a friend’s day. Whether it’s been a year or a week since you’ve talked with your friend or loved one, a quick note to let them know you think about them can work wonders at holiday time.

Happy New Year” cards and Christmas greetings are standard fare for the season, and they are certainly wonderful to receive. But thinking outside of the box can bring a sweet surprise, too. Take, for instance, a Halloween party invitation or a photo Valentine’s Day card. Since the post office isn’t typically flooded with greetings in October or February, it can be that much more delightful to open up the mailbox and find a seasonal greeting in the form of a photo Easter card or a photo Valentine’s Day card.

Gift-giving is always a part of the holidays. One way to give loved ones a gift is through quality, well-made photo cards. This is an especially bright idea when it’s a high priority to include as many friends and family members as possible. Custom cards as holiday gifts also help if your loved ones live far away and it’s not feasible to spend as spend as much money as it takes to pack, ship, and insure an expensive holiday gift.

Also, this might be an unexpected way to enhance a simple invitation and turn it into something more. In the search for the perfect Halloween party invitation wording or the cutest Happy New Year Card, you could find styles, card stock quality, or your own pictures that amp up a simple invitation and turn it into a remarkable keepsake.

Expressing Gratitude Afterwards
A holiday’s end can be a bummer. After the confetti has fallen, someone has to sweep it up, and after we all consume eggnog or too much candy corn, it is not always fun to take a peek at the weight scale. For many, it’s a plain downer. Sending thank you notes for Christmas gifts and holiday thank you notes after any holiday season can boost the mood.

It’s like a bonus holiday gift when your friends thought they had opened their last present. Who doesn’t like bonus gifts? Adding a fantastic photo and ordering the holiday thank you note on magnetic paper or quality cardstock can turn a perfunctory exercise in politeness to a joyful moment of unexpected friendship.

Regardless of your reason or rationale, spreading holiday cheer at any time of the year is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones and celebrate what matters year-round.  The next time a less popular holiday comes around, consider brightening someone’s day with a custom holiday photo card.

September 21, 2014
by Sara
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Extending Your Customizable Photo Cards


Supermarket cards might be a quick fix when you’re running out of time or running off to a party, but if you want to commemorate something truly special, you’ll want to make choices about how the card looks and feels – and you’ll want your photos to play a starring role.  Here are a few fun thoughts and ideas that help extend your photo card experience.


Personalizing Cards and Gifts Take People on a Journey
wedding save the date magnets
A personalized card or gift of real quality can convey an authentic moment and communicate excitement and genuine emotion. Take, for example, the case of wedding save the date magnets. When guests receive these unique gifts and snap them onto the side of their favorite metallic surface, something very special happens; a custom wedding invitation becomes even more memorable and the journey to the big day you are sharing with them begins.
Unlike a Facebook group or e-mail invitation, that one customized photo magnet was sent from two special individuals, and it comes to represent in an immediate, physical object, how two people are joining to create one family. The little bit of extra effort it takes to create a photo card or magnet really shows through, and it doesn’t end up in a recycle bin.
Custom wedding invitations are a wonderful example of how quality cards can boost the anticipation for an event. But there are other wonderful uses for customized cards. For every celebrated occasion, it is absolutely appropriate to send a custom greeting. And you don’t need to stop when the event concludes, because gratitude is also part of the journey. Commemorate the event while thanking your friends and family with special thank you notes for Christmas gifts for example, or photo thank you notes for graduation. In a way, you are sending your friends their own gift in return!


Other Fun Ways to Use Your Photo Cards

wall photo art

From Heels in the Mud

Check out this cute and simple wooden display for your favorite photos.  What about collecting your favorite photo cards from various occasions and adding them to the mix?  No one wants to toss out a nice personalized photo card, and a slick monochromatic mount will go along with any collection from a mash of holidays. This is a great idea for the card creator who is saving one leftover photo card from each order over the years.


Make Yourself Part of the Process
Let’s face it: the alternative to customized photo cards are flimsy and mass-produced cards that lots of other people are buying, too. Make yourself part of the process and create a unique message.  Photo Card Café has vast options for designs, color schemes, and fonts to help create the perfect card to match your personality and personal style.  Your unique photos will lead the experience when their own color schemes and compositions are uploaded to the card.  And finally, the words you choose (whether simple or lengthy) will extend that personalization.

Here are a couple of fun ideas:

  • Include some of your wedding vows on the card message.
  • Add a quote from your favorite author.
  • One one side, the card add your new photo. On the other side, add an old photo of you as a young child. (This would be great for graduation announcement cards!)


The Journey Never Ends
If it’s your first time to create a customizable photo card, you are in for a treat. After you try a few of your favorite portrait photos (or maybe a great goofy one of you and your partner dancing, we won’t judge), you might just be hooked.  The good news is, photo cards really can be a simple yet unique touch to any event, and as your life grows and changes you will have more excuses to create them.  Remember to come back and visit us for ideas when you extend your family, when you celebrate your first anniversary, or when you reach your next milestone.

September 8, 2014
by Sara
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DIY Kid Halloween Costumes — I will make one.


It’s Halloween time! Time to start creating those kids’ Halloween costumes. I know if I start now, I might finish before Oct. 31, or when someone mom decides to throw a Halloween party, so here goes.

For the slacker in me (and just because I think this is cool) check out this stick figure costume, made from a paper plate, electrical tape and white sweats. I mean, I love it. It’s great that they have a whole page on this site for introverts at Halloween. I can relate. From Buzzfeed.

stick figure halloween costume


If your kids are reading Harry Potter like mine, you’ll wanna take a look at this one. Not too hard to make! From A Lemon Squeezy Home.

harry potter costume diy


Here’s a great 30+ DIY costume site at Happiness is Homemade. We love this Instagram costume – VERY social. Costume made by See Kate Sew.

instagram halloween costume

These are some awesome baby Halloween costumes. Lots to choose from. I especially like the Ace Ventura one, but there are tons more that might be a bit cuter, so you don’t get made fun of. From Costume Works.ace ventura pet detective costume


These are great, and cheap, costumes for kids. The “Boo” one from Monsters Inc. is fantastic and super cute. These are from Coolest Homemade Costumes.boo exists coolest boo and monsters inc character costumes


Good luck this year, fans. Don’t forget to order those Halloween party invitations from Photo Card Cafe’!

costume party invitations



August 13, 2014
by Sara
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Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

dorm room ideas for girls

Congratulations to all of the young adults headed off to college this fall! What an amazing time of life. I LOVED every minute of my four years at Abilene Christian University. It’s now time for your college bound teens to start packing up, saying good-byes, and most importantly, planning their dorm room decor! (Let’s face it, the guys don’t care so much about this, so I’ll leave them out for now.) Check out some creative dorm room ideas for girls:


Genius! These dorm room bed risers with POWER OUTLETS are so clever. Adds storage, adds outlets and looks clean. These are from Bed Bath and Beyond.

clever dorm room ideas for girls


What a creative dorm room desk idea! This is from I Heart Organizing. A nice pop of color for an otherwise plain, white desk.

creative dorm room ideas for girls

I love this cork board idea, without the huge cork board! So creative and easy to hang. From The Trashy Crafter. (It’s not at all trashy …)

diy dorm room ideas for girls


Why didn’t I come up with this? Every college girl needs this, to keep from charging your phone on the floor. Gross. This one is from Make It Love It.

dorm room ideas diy iphone holder

From Design Sponge – a creative way to frame stuff in your dorm room without frames! Love this.

washi tape dorm room ideas

Finally, a free printable checklist for your college dorm room. Best of luck in the new year from Photo Card Cafe’! (From How to Nest for Less)

dorm room check list

August 7, 2014
by Sara
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iPhone Accessibility Mode + A Toddler = Genius!


iphone accessibility mode kids toddlers

Your toddler and kids will love the iPhone accessibility mode

I recently discovered the iPad and iPhone accessibility mode, and it has been AWESOME! My husband and I recently adopted a two year old and, WOW. I had forgotten how much trouble toddlers can get into! My two older kids play with our iPad and iPhone all the time, and little sister gets jealous … But hey, I’ve been down this road before. If you give a two year old your device, before you know it, they’ll delete some of your contacts, delete or rearrange your apps, and text your boss. And, that’s all in just the couple of minutes you wait in the grocery line! I’m not all about letting kids play on these devices all day, but sometimes you have to make a choice between being that parent with a toddler on an iPhone or that parent who can’t keep their sleepy kid from crying in the checkout line. I mean, we do this for the people around us, right?

Enter: iPhone Accessibility Mode

With a few easy steps you can keep you child on the screen you choose for them with the iPhone Accessibility Mode. Your two year old loves the little puzzle game? No problem! Turn on the game, turn on accessibility mode, boom! No more deleted apps. Here’s how you do it:

Go to Settings
> Then General
> Then Accessibility
> Then Guided Access
Set it to “On”
Set a passcode
(FYI you go through this process only once. Not every time you use it. Thank goodness.)

Now you can just leave these settings on all the time. When you navigate to your child’s app all you need to do is triple click the home button and follow the on screen directions. To turn it off just triple click the home button again and enter your passcode.

You’re welcome!

July 7, 2014
by Sara
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Western wedding ideas, cards and all.

western wedding save the date card

FYI: Half of Photo Card Cafe’ is based in Fort Worth, Texas. What a great city. When I think Fort Worth fun, I immediately think rodeo. Not just the once-a-year rodeo, but the every-week rodeo – the Stockyards Championship Rodeo. (You can go to the rodeo EVERY WEEK here in FW. So cool.)

In honor of my great city and all of the western-ness it is, we’re sharing our popular “Country Western Wedding Ideas” Pinterest board. From creative country wedding flowers, to western and rustic wedding venues, this board has everything. My faves are these:

Every country wedding needs a burlap table runner. From Hot Cocoa Design on Etsy.

burlap table runner western wedding idea



Or this pewter plate place setting. So simple. Love the tiny succulent! From The Bride’s Cafe’. (We should be cafe’ friends with these people.)

country table setting rustic idea



A cake, on a barrel! So cute. These photographs are fantastic as well – great shot ideas. From Southern Weddings, photos by Melissa Schollaert.

southern wedding barrel decor



And, bridesmaids with boots. We have a friend who recently used this color scheme and boots with her daughters in the wedding. It. Was. Precious. From Green Wedding Shoes, photos by Ashley Maxwell.

cowboy wedding bridesmaids boots



Or, this color scheme. LOVE. From Vermont Vows.

western wedding ideas color scheme



But it doesn’t stop here. Visit our Pinterest page with country western wedding ideas and go nuts. Love from Fort Worth!

Country Wester Wedding Ideas - Photo Card Cafe' on Pinterest



Find more western wedding inspired save the dates, Christmas cards or thank you notes at Photo Card Cafe’!

western wedding invitations getting hitched black mint save the date