Got that unique graduation party idea?

When I graduated high school, I got invited to the senior bowling party that was thrown every year for a select group of seniors. You received your invitation delivered to your front door in the form of an old bowling pin with ribbons and your name on it with an invitation attached. Pretty neato. While attending the party, I felt I had finally become cool to the “cool” people. And, the “cool” people didn’t seem as bad to me, either. This stigma coming from my junior high and high school years being in the band … Anyway, it was really the time that I felt like all of us seniors were finally starting to think of ourselves as a whole, as opposed to different groups of a whole. We all realized we were about to leave our small town for much bigger things, so why not, oh I dunno, TALK to everyone and be nice? Anyway, it was a great party. Creative idea, even before the Internet was really real.

Ideas come from everywhere now. We’ve picked a few that we think are rad.

This site, Love the Day, has some fabulous ideas from her repertoire posted up, and even FREE PRINTABLES. You know how much I love to see those. My fave is the “Smart Cookie” milk and cookie-themed party. GREAT ideas here.



Or this pinwheel-themed party from Finding Sunday. What a simple, creative idea at a low cost.



Or this great idea for the “Keys to Success” party theme from Celebrations at Home. I love the neutrals with a pop of yellow!



Happy graduation party planning!

— Sara H.

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